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One Daily Visit £ 19.00

Twice Daily Visit £ 29.00

Stopover (House Sitting) £ 39.00

Dog Walking £ 2.50 per hour

Our Priority Is And Will Always Be The Welbeing Of Your Pets               Available 24/7 Call Emergency No 07709640444

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Cats At Home Booking Form

We require all those wishing to book our team to complete the form below, once we have received the completed form we will contact your directly to arrange a pre-sitting visit so that you can get to meet our team member and they can meet you and your pets and understand the environment that your pets live in.

   At this meeting you can ask any additional questions which we may not have covered

on our Q & A page.

Address :

Town :

Departure Date :

Please select one or more of the options :

We may need to contact you in an emergency, please ensure that you answer the above question, if we can not contact you via a mobile phone we will attempt to email you.

Please provide the details of your pet insurance company with contact number and policy number :

(We may request to view for validation purposes a current certificate and hold a copy this will be returned to you)

What is(are) your cat(s) called :

Do you have other pets who will be at your home  :

Does your home have a security system :

Comments :

Declaration, I have read and understand the Cats @ Home Cat Sitting Terms & Conditions, I agree to refund any additional charges regarding items directly related to my pets i.e. food, vets bills, litter to Cats @ Home Sitting Service immediately upon return to my home.

Declaration, I am the legal owner or guardian of the above pets and the homeowner of the above. I declare that I am 18+ years and have provided the above information to Cats @ Home Home Sitting Service.

Please type your full name here :

Please select the date :

Agreement, By typing your name below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Cats @ Home Home Sitting Service, and that this can be used as your legal signature.

Please read our Pet Sitting Terms & Conditions, by clicking here.

You will be asked to confirm you accept the Terms & Conditions when you complete the Pet Booking Details.

Please ensure you have answered all the questions, so that we have accurate information regarding your pets and their requirements. Our team member will review the details with you at the pre-sitting meeting.

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All the questions require a response.

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Step 1 Pet Booking Details Form