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* One Daily Visit £ 15.00

* Twice Daily Visit £ 25.00

* Stopover (House Sitting) £ 30.00 per day

* Dog Walking £ 2.50 per hour

* Our Priority Is And Will Always Be The Wellbeing Of Your Pets               Available 24/7 Call Emergency No 07709640444

Welcome Q & A Meet The Team Cats Stay Home Services Contact Cats At Home

1. I will always endeavour to provide a professional, ethical service which is governed by honourable standards.

2.  I will provide conscientious care for the cats and any other pets entrusted to me at all times and to place their welfare above all other business considerations.

3.  I understand that the cat’s and any other pets welfare, health and safety are paramount and to work with integrity at all times.

4.  I understand that it is my obligation to my clients to be honest & transparent.

5.  I will respect the confidence of every client, and treat my clients in a courteous manner.

6.  I will avoid misrepresentation of my services and not promote other services.

7.  I will treat clients homes and personal belongings with the utmost respect, taking care to leave the home in the same condition I found it.

8.  I will not give clients keys or access to their property to anyone else (even my friends) - unless agreed by the client first.

9.  I will ensure the house is safely locked and secured after every visit.

10.  I will learn more about my profession and cats to improve my services when the opportunity arises.

11.  I will support Cats @ Home Sitting Service, its policies and participate in its activities and community when possible.

12.  I will be respectful of, and cooperate with other professions and trades which operate within the pet industry, in every way consistent with my other responsibilities.

13.  I will obey all applicable animal law and pet sitting legislation and local laws governing animal care and welfare and business practices. Thereby reflecting honour upon the pet care services industry within my local community.

14.  I will encourage responsible cat ownership, and promote, especially through the charitable programs of RSPCA and Cats Protection an increased awareness and acceptance of humane and noble animal protection programs.

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