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* One Daily Visit £ 15.00

* Twice Daily Visit £ 25.00

* Stopover (House Sitting) £ 30.00 per day

* Dog Walking £ 2.50 per hour

* Our Priority Is And Will Always Be The Wellbeing Of Your Pets               Available 24/7 Call Emergency No 07709640444

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Meet the Cats At Home Sitting Service Team

Office Manager, hi my names Mishka, and at my age 18 years old, someone has to keep everyone under control .. don’t they !.

That young Issy is a handful but a quick slap with my paw keeps her in check. I love being an indoor cat, lots of warm places to curl up and catnap, but we do all go for walks with our humman. And he even takes us all on holiday with him, we have a chalet in Switzerland and I love the snow.

Quality Controller, hi my names Neyla, I’m an African Chocolate or so he says, I am 16 years old and when I was a little kitten I had a very serious illness, but my humman never gave up on me nor did the lovely vet, so here I am.

My name is really Neylan which is Persian and the name of a princess ..

which of course I am.

I love to be groomed and keep everything running smoothly as I’m very calm.

Personal Trainer, hi my names Isolde or Issy for short, I am a 6 year old Bengal who loves water and of course climbing as you can see. My humman takes great care of me and even shares the shower or the bath

with me everyday, along with his bed every night.

It’s so warm under the duvet …purrrr.

I love going for walks on my harness and lead as we are house cats. I also protect my three friends and generally give everyone the runaround on a daily basis especially at about 5am in the morning when I want my breakfast.

Hi, you have heard of the mad cat lady … ? Well our friends say we are the mad cat team……… !

Cats At Home was established in 2015 by Ken.

He has five furballs all of them all females He did have a sixth Sasha, but unfortunately he passed away two years ago, and he was so special that you can never replace a true companion as he was to me. So now it’s just me and the girls.

We run’s both Cats At Home Sitting Service and Web Cats Design Studio, so he works from home with his companions. His philosophy is very simple that we look after your pets as if they are our own furbabies and other pets and give them lots of pampering and ensure they are treated to the very best care possible right in their own home.