Question : I have never used this type of service before and I am slightly wary of allowing strangers into my home. How can you reassure me about security?

Answer : We totally understand that there may be some apprehension when trying a new service. Please take a look at our many brilliant testimonials. In addition, all Cats At Home team members can show passports or driving licences which can be examined if required and have had checks carried out (CRB).

Question : Do you arrive in a vehicle that displays advertising?

Answer : Absolutely not!

If we were to do so, it would compromise household security, by advertising the fact that you are away from home.  Not a good idea!

Our service is absolutely discreet and vehicles do not carry any advertising whatsoever.  This is where the Home Loving Cats service offers a major advantage over other pet sitting services that arrive at the homes of their customers in vehicles that carry advertising.

In addition, whilst making our cat visits (i.e. entering and leaving the homes of our customers), we do NOT wear T-shirts, hats, or other apparel bearing Home Loving Cats advertising (which could highlight the fact that you are away from home).  If you ever see any of our cat sitters wearing such clothing, this will only be at special events or when they are generally “out and about” town, and NOT when they are entering or leaving the homes of our customers.

Question : Will you be able to let my cat out whilst I am away?

Answer : With regard to letting cats in or out, we can work with the following two situations:

EITHER your cat stays in whilst you are away, in which case we will service the litter trays OR your cat has outside access via a cat-flap.

Because of the uncertainty in relation to how long a cat might wish to stay out and when it might choose to return, in the majority of situations we are very reluctant to let cats in and out - although we do not rule this out entirely - and particular situations can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.  So if you do not have a cat-flap, your cat would (normally) need to stay in whilst you are away.

However, even if your cat was confined to the house whilst you are away, we are sure that it would far prefer staying at home with massive amounts of familiar home space in preference to being forcibly taken off to a cattery and being confined to a small pen.  And after all, for most people, we’re only talking about 2 or 3 weeks holiday out of 52 weeks each year – and most cats can easily manage for a few weeks each year.

Question : For some time now I've been thinking of getting a cat flap. Can you recommend any?

Answer : Absolutely!


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