Cats At Home Sitting Service are responsible for the welfare of your pets and the security of your home whilst we are engaged by you to fulfil our service. Our team members are expected to respect the terms of the agreement between ourselves and you the client strictly.

Disclaimer: We Cats At Home Sitting Service and our team members cannot be held responsible if during the period of engagement 3rd parties enter your home, for example family members, family friends in the following instances: Your pets are allowed outside of the home or any enclosure, security systems are not reset on leaving or entering the premises, i.e. damage to property for example furniture, appliances or theft of your personal items or property.

We accept that to reduce costs or for personal reasons it maybe a requirement that a family member or that a friend may need to visit your home, however, we cannot be held responsible should the conditions of the agreement between ourselves and you the pet and home owner be broken by a 3rd party under any of the above circumstances.

We cannot be held responsible should a third party administer medication to your pets or any substance without our prior or subsequent knowledge.

We cannot be held responsible for damage to a vehicle which is left within the grounds/property whilst you the owner is absent from the dwelling nor theft of any vehicle from the property by a 3rd party.

Booking Confirmation: Will only be provided upon receipt of the deposit and the completion of the home visit.

A deposit of 50% is required on confirmation of the booking dates.

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